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About Medford Celebrates Foundation

The Forming of Medford Celebrates Foundation, Inc.

In 2011, fifteen Medford Township residents banded together to establish the Medford Celebrates Foundation (MCF), a non-profit entity devoted to supporting Medford Township’s major events. The key event MCF wanted to stage and reinstate was Medford’s 4th of July fireworks. As had occurred in other municipalities, the fireworks had not been funded or held since 2009 due to budget constraints. MCF’s brand was developed with red, white and blue stars and stripes in forward motion – a clear symbol of their determination, focus and mission.

In 2012, in their second year after forming, the small group of volunteers, headed by President Robert Egan, succeeded in raising enough money to host Medford’s fireworks. The fireworks were attended by over 35,000 Delaware Valley residents. It was a tremendous victory for the group and the countless others who did not want to see the annual 4th of July fireworks and celebration going permanently dark in Medford.

Medford Celebrates, along with support and public services from Medford Township, sponsors, donations and volunteers hopes to continue to stage Medford’s Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks Display. The fireworks are funded by corporate and small business sponsors, fundraisers and private donations. Your donation matters – every donation matters – please donate now.


The mission of Medford Celebrates, a non-profit foundation, shall be to raise funds and public support for major Medford Township public events that require Medford Township services.

Strategic Goals

Develop a mix of fundraising strategies that compliment, rather than compete with, those of the existing non-profit events and organizations; generate sufficient funding to stage the annual Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks Display; cover Medford Township’s cost for this and other major public events; develop a grant structure should excess funds exist.


Medford Celebrates Foundation, Inc. has been granted tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donation(s) are tax deductible.